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Affordable small business websites from simple
brochure style to full ecommerce websites.
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Small business websites

Every modern small business needs an internet presence. As a minimum, business websites should:
  • Be optimised for search engines so customers can find it (other marketing may also be relevant to promote the website).
  • Look professional, have a clear message and be straightforward to navigate.
  • Have enough information and persuasion to 'hook' customers.
  • Make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for, and/or contact your business with enquiries.
Small business web site solution

However traditional or non-technical your business is, customers will expect you to have a business website, and your business website is often their first point of contact.

Business websites should be updated regularly with company news, recent case studies, recommendations etc.., as a business website that rarely changes is a turn-off for customers and search engines.

To make regular updates, your business website needs to be 'content managed' - i.e. have an administration section acessible only be you that enables updates to news items etc..

Web of Ideas offer a small business web site solution that meet all these criteria.

We can also host your business website and email. More details.

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If you're confused by any of the terminology on this page, see our beginners guide to business websites, email and hosting.