Ecommerce websites

We are ecommerce experts, and have the technology
and expertise to build you an affordable ecommerce website.
We also understand how to drive trafic to your website with
organic SEO and online marketing campaigns.


Affordable ecommerce is not easy!

ecommerce websites
Don’t be fooled - it takes a lot of work to build a profitable ecommerce website.
Please don’t believe the ‘start selling in 10 minutes’ style of marketing that is prevalent in the industry. Even if you are selling £10 notes for £5 it will take time and effort to get people to find your website and have enough trust in it to make a purchase.

The absolute minimum is a well designed, easy to use ecommerce website that offers all the features sophisticated online customers expect. All our websites will provide this, and we can add any custom features you need.

But to really succeed in the ever-more-crowded world-wide-web, you need effective marketing and global reach, and that’s where we can offer real value.

We provide ecommerce websites that have the technology to:
  • Gain the best possible ranking in Google and other search engines.
  • Easily manage links to complementary websites.
  • Produce extracts to price comparison and other websites that will provide mass coverage.
  • Integrate with eBay, so you can easily transfer products from your website to an eBay auction.
  • Produce a mobile-friendly website tailored for customers to access on their phones and other devices.
  • Capture customer data with an ‘opt in’ check-box for marketing.
  • Record traffic to your website and/or integrate with third party analytical tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Provide extensive reporting, for example on abandoned carts, sales by period, best selling items etc..
If accepting online payments you also need to be aware of website security and in particular the credit card industry rules for online payments - these are called the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). See our guide to e-commerce for more information on this.

We are expert providers of affordable ecommerce websites. We can add any other feature that will help give you a competitive advantage in your market.

We are always happy to offer help and advice on your ecommerce project, and if you use us we will strive to build a site that really works for your customers. Most of our business comes from repeat work and recommendations. We can provide references and arrange for you to talk to previous and current customers.

Ecommerce website cost

As well as the up-front cost of the website design and development, there will be ongoing marketing, hosting and administration costs. If you are accepting online payments you will also incur banking charges and/or commission. Please see our beginners guide for an explanation of hosting, and see our services for an idea of the initial design and development cost.

All our ecommerce websites come with an easy-to-use administration tool to enable you to maintain the website categories, products, prices, postage etc.. So you don’t need to pay someone to make minor changes such as updating product lines, changing the VAT rate or changing your company logo. We also offer inventory management and/or integration into existing order processing systems.
All of this helps reduce the administration costs of running your website.

Ecommerce website information

For any questions or to arrange a free initial consultation, please contact us.